07 Jan 2014 | Electro House

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“Black Sails” is a new fantastic Progressive House single from Pingaton

“Black Sails” is a new fantastic Progressive House single from Pingaton

PRLog – Nov. 17, 2014

Its fresh, original and certainly progressive electro, this is how people define the new single “Black Sails” from our hot new EDM sensation in Europe – Pingaton. The latest track offers a dynamic mix of various instruments and the melody draws inspiration from different genres however, the feel of the song is totally European in style and spirit.

“Black Sails” is like a joyride that you will enjoy right from the beginning to the end and it will leave you breathless because you will be dancing throughout. Dancing becomes compulsory on this hip new track from Pingaton and it is the reigning top track in clubs and at dance floors all over Europe.The youth loves it totally and this is because of the creative excellence of Pingaton that one day will certainly take him to the spot where today we find the likes of Hardwell, Nicky Romero and Avicii.

The track becomes magical when the syncs and percussion slowly rise and then drop followed by a perfect blend of lead melody and groovy bass. Electro house groove is evident throughout the track but becomes more prominent by the end when the key melody is swapped with the heavy tunes of synths, which is a mixing that gives a new dimension to the track and listeners simply love it for being so unusual yet so progressive. Its spacey melody is important to be highlighted since in “Black Sails” it serves as an important element and takes the track into the Progressive genre. “Black Sails” from Pingaton has a crazy blend of numerous inspirational themes working in the background but the impact is truly Electro progressive.

Get your copy of “Black Sails” as soon as possible and dance till you drop. It is a track created for dance lovers and you aren’t one of those who tend to lag behind.

“Black Sails” is now available at iTunes, Google Play, Beatport and all major digital music stores.


November 17th, 2014

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