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New club hit from Pingaton – “Lights On” is ready to move you

New club hit from Pingaton – “Lights On” is ready to move you

Jan. 15, 2015 – PRLog — Another single from Pingaton, who is known as the one who made his place in the genre of electronic dance music (EDM) in quite a little time, is ready to enter the music market. Like his previously released singles, “Lights on” is also expected to get incredible ratings. Pingaton is famous for his singles that seize fast beat and rhythm in order to keep the blood of dancers warm and hence they can’t help but find themselves shaking their bodies on the dance floor. This new hot-dance single is surely going to vibrate the earth beneath your dancing feet.

The “Lights on” has a chance to become a great hit with its entry into the club music market. The track does have everything that an enthusiast of music aspires for. You may find yourself in great delight and amusement, if you get yourself entertained by this item of EDM at functions, nightclubs, or other to-be-celebrated festivals.

This song keeps you engaged throughout the time. This is a catchy melody and great quality of this track that it keeps its listeners in a spell and they cannot help but play this song again and again while dancing at every beat. As Pingaton said about his new creation “There was a certain melody that stuck in my head for some time. I just had to make a track out of it so I could stop humming it. “. Now we cannot stop humming it either.

To cut a long story short, it may be concluded that this is a song worth your time and dance. Just let your soul feel free with the every move of your body and get ready to cherish the heartening melody of this cool and up-to-the-minute track.

“Lights On” by Pingaton is available on all prominent digital music stores and can be downloaded from Beatport and iTunes.


January 15th, 2015

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