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“Dark Matter” – Sensational new track from Pingaton

“Dark Matter” – Sensational new track from Pingaton

LOS ANGELES – Oct. 10, 2016 – PRLog — The European EDM music scene has been craving for some fresh, energetic and lively sounds lately and with the debut of our brilliant new artist Pingaton, the wait has finally come to an end. Pingaton’s new progressive house single “Dark Matter” is every beat and every bit a track created for the clubs and dance floors. It is vivacious, supremely upbeat and offers an amazingly synchronized combo of instrumentals, which is the trademark of progressive house. The track isn’t an ordinary EDM offering since it is eligible for being compared to the earlier offerings from the reigning progressive/electro house music maestros Nicky Romero and Avicii. The track “Dark Matter” is high on entertainment quotient but in no way low on the soul value of the song. It presents a rare mix of sincere emotions in the shell of dynamic beats and energetic ambience. This track has a soul of its own for sure and this will attract you more towards this track and later onto the dance floor.

In Europe, the EDM scene has received its fair share of vibrancy, liveliness and a breath of fresh air with the entry of Pingaton. Creating a composition that begins with a disco-inspired bassline and then paves the way for the amazing peppy synth-line is not everyone’s cup of tea and Pingaton certainly scores additional marks in this regard. “Dark Matter” is going to be a smasher hit since it has already casted its spell on progressive house admirers and clubs are playing it repeatedly because of a simple fact that – People Love Dancing on It!

Let’s not waste time and get a copy of the melodious new track from Pingaton. You can easily get it from iTunes, Beatport and all popular digital music stores online.


October 10th, 2016

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