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Amazing new single from Pingaton – “Hot Rods”

Amazing new single from Pingaton – “Hot Rods”

LOS ANGELES – Dec. 1, 2016 – PRLog — European EDM scene has been craving for some fresh new sound and the wait is finally over. Get ready to drool and dribble on the dance floor with this amazing progressive house single “Hot Rods” from the coolest new sensation DJ Pingaton. In this track Pingaton has truly outdid all the other newcomers with the fresh appeal of his melody and the attention to details. Not just the music is brilliant and exudes progressive house music mood thoroughly but the lyrics are also to die for. From the very first seam ripper to the final beat, this song sounds amazing to the core and till the end. “Hot Rods” is full of sincere efforts from the artist and this is what makes it so purely musical and authentically progressive. The importance Pingaton has given to the instrumental synchronization and overall ambience of the song is very refreshing, vibrant and high-voltage but at the same time its lyrics are meaningful and enchanting.

Pingaton has shown to the world how convincingly he can bring masses to the dance floors and probably this is the reason why clubs love this track. It is hip, energetic, and rhythmic and contains interesting riffs. Once you hear “Hot Rods” it becomes impossible to stay back and you will end up hitting the dance floor in no time.

Grab your copy of this energetic track right now! It is now available on all prominent digital music stores including iTunes, Google Play and Beatport.


December 1st, 2016

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